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Friday, June 22, 2012

Stitch n' Chicks Had a Beach Party!!

Our Stitch n' Chicks "LYC" had its annual "Summer" party, this year the theme was "Beach" and we got dressed for the occasion and then we had a "decorate your pail" contest...very crafty...what fun we had included in this was a silly "Fashion Parade" through the living room into the kitchen then the voting began...I won the "Fashion" beach wear contest, [I wore my bikini, fish earrings and necklace, sun glasses, made my flip flops and had on my sun hat with my bag full of yarn to crochet on the beach] and I won for my pail, and Maria won for her pretty pail...Pat's pail was hilarious, she cut out pictures from magazines and added our faces to the photos...it was fantastic!!! Our prizes were sand pails filled with a beach towel and crossword puzzle book with a large candy bar...Yummy everything we need to take to the beach... Patricia did a wonderful job putting it together....what fun...oh yeah and I won playing L,C, R, game and Maria won all the YARN!!!! WOW!!!!

my pail

she's crocheting

everyone's pails lined up for voting


too funny

she glued on sand

the beach gang

playing for yarn






these glasses I got last year at the LA Fair they open up

the loot

we decorated with bathing suits

ohhh Hot Mama...lol....that's as close I get to a bikini


  1. Super cute! It looks like a fantastic time. Great idea :-)

  2. This looks like such a fun beach party!!! Love your tshirt ;)

  3. What fun!! Your bikini is a riot!! Looked like a great beach party!!!
    I think it was you that asked me in a previous post, how big our property was. It is only one acre. I wish it were bigger!! We bought this house 20 years ago, and it is one long street that was built with custom homes, on an orange grove property. They left most of the trees standing, removing only the ones needed to build the homes. Our property, at one time had over 100 trees on it. Mostly navel orange, but a smattering of other things. We have about 7 avocado trees, of various varieties. Lemon, grapefruit, and then we had peach, plum, nectarine, and apricot, but we took those down about 10 years ago when we built the sport court in the back. I do love it here. The houses are far apart, and we have so much privacy!!!!
    Going to Big Bear for the 4th? We are!!

    1. Thanks I love dressing up at least that body is a proud one to wear...lol...Yes I did ask you, thank you for the tour... :) 100 trees wow, I love avocado trees, Yes I love it out that way too still have a house in Norco, I do miss it at times, horse property with an acre, but I love the beach area for the smell of the ocean, the cool breezes and the marine layers, we are now about a mile from the ocean and no one lives behind us as we back up to the waterway so the ocean breezes are heavy...I love it here too.... :)~~Debb


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