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Monday, June 04, 2012

Craft Fair Browsing

Sunday our group went to the local Craft Fair & Farmer's Market at the marina. We had a lot of fun browsing around and checking out the fun items that were for sale.
Pat checks out the bags

Patricia checks out the domino necklaces. The gal that made these
was very friendly and I loved how she displayed her jewelry. If you
enlarge this photo you can see the boards she decoupaged for
hanging her necklace pendants, very cleaver!

Patricia bought a huge basket of strawberries

they even had live music

and look at this and ATM at the craft fair? Wow

Pat tries on a Red hat

the hat lady took our photo as we all tried on hats..

more goodies

time to eat we stopped in at River's End a place right on the sand

see behind me the palm trees are on the sand

ok I had to take a photo of this bike it was totally trimmed with fur, even the helmet that is right by the windshield...too much...lol
even horns

and check out the license plates...lol


  1. Looks fun. Where was this?

  2. This was at the Long beach Marina on 2nd & PCH... :) ~~Debb

  3. Looks like you ladies had a great time. Sand, warm weather, crafts and friends....what could be better.

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