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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ravelry Competes For Keeping "Ravelympics" Name

A mystery knitter has produced an olympic themed work on the pier in Saltburn-by-the-Sea near Teesside. The unknown artist or 'Yarnbomber' installed the knitting overnight much to the delight of local residents who are flocking to see the woollen sporting characters.
[source-The Telegraph]
This example of Olympic knitting was done on a rail in Saltburn-by-the-Sea Pier in Teesside 
Did you know that Ravelry was sent a "cease & desist" notice from the U.S, Olympics on their annual [3rd] hosted "Ravelympics," a knitting competition for users that includes events like an "afghan marathon," and "scarf hockey." Knitters were supposed to compete in their events while watching the actual games on TV.  

It appears that the U.S. Olympic Committee has sent a "cease and desist" letter to the knit/crochet community, Ravelry, for hosting a knitting "olympics." Now, knitters are outraged!
In 2010 Ravelry sold a pin to represent their knitters competing. 
2012 would have been the 3rd year Ravelry, a  surprisingly popular knitting event that has been hosted on Ravelry called  "Ravelympics." 
The U.S. Olympics Committee thinks that Ravelry was making a mockery of the games with their needlework. 
[source here]
The USOC demanded Ravelry change the name to the "Ravelry Games? A recent update stated that the U.S. Olympic Committee apologized 2x to knitters everywhere. Be sure to read the whole article here...

Maybe they should just switch to crochet???? lol.... really I searched Ravelry and cannot find many groups on there doing it this year???? Maybe I searched wrong??? 

I thought how fun it would be to see who will be crocheting during the Olympic games? If you will, what will you be crocheting? I thought that it would be fun to feature crocheters across the world...So if you do crochet during the Olympics send me a link to your projects and I will feature them here on "Crochetoholic's" blog for a "Crocheting During the Games" day....just leave a comment during the Olympics days July 27- August 12th....Let's see how many of us are crocheting during the games....

Have fun.... 


  1. Ha! Ha! I didn't know about this. Thanks for sharing it...The sports nut that I am, I'll be watching all kinds of sports upcoming. And the crocheting nut I am, I'll be crocheting the whole time! ^_^ But recognizing it as specifically because of the Olympics?....Nah!

    1. Great I look forward to see what you were crocheting during the game...thanks for the comment. ~~Debb

  2. You know I will be crocheting..lol..I can't just sit and watch tv..who am I kidding..I cannot just sit...so you will be hearing from me..

    1. Of course...will look forward to see what master piece you did during the games..~~Debb

  3. I saw some articles on this. Stupid really. It's a man that's being a butt is all. Guess he doesn't have anything better to do with his time than be a jerk to a bunch of women who are actually being productive. And it's not like it says 'Ravel Olympics'...which still, I mean come on. lol

    1. I totally agree...silly is what it is...~~Debb


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