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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yarn from the Craft Fair, Trees and just Stuff

I truely love the colors of the trees in California. These trees are called Jacaranda trees.They always amaze me. This scene is right up the street from me. We have trees with pink and white flowers on them in front of our house...I took the other photo of a tree in EL Dorado park that I thought was unique...the tree trunk at the bottom of the post was so cool looking I just had to take a shot of it too...now, for my yarns,  I know it is not much to do with crochet but I just had to share...I am getting over yet
 another cold so I have time on my hands to explore my photos.. :)  this yarn is so pretty....when we went on our last field trip I said a promise to myself that I would but NO MORE yarn,..now I tell you who keeps that kind of promise....???? The Simply Soft blue and white yarns will be for a special project, since I am sorting out all my patterns into folders and putting them in my file cabinet it shouldn't be hard! The charcoal and white yarns I ended up buying at Velona's! Then I started my g-son's Valentine's scarf. Coming along pretty quick. :)This glittery scarf, in the package, was only $2 at the fair and the bracelet kit is to make and it was from the Debbie Norvelle booth. :)The Sugar n' Cream yarn I got from Michael's for it's, $1 a skein, sale and the other is Simply Heather for maybe a scarf ??? 

The Velona's find is for a pattern in the book of a scarf with a hood, cuffs, and a bag, :) The other photo of yarn is what I got at the fair from Debbie Norvalle the multi colored pinks and blues and creams. :)

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  1. I just bought 10 skeins of Peaches and Cream yarn a couple of days ago. I was being conservative so I only bought one of every color! LOL attempting some floral collars with it for my daughters-in-law.

    I'm enjoying your colorful blog. It's refreshing to find a crochet or knitting blog that mentions affordable yarns as well as the luxury fibers.


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