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Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Its time to start new patterns and I have been surfing half the day for a Reader's Swawl with a collar that I could get for free....but alas I guess I will have to pay the $7.95 for it as it does not seem to be anywhere....It is made with Caron Simple Soft and is so pretty...anyone seen it?  So whats on your hooks and needles out there?

Any New Years "res" that can be shared? I have several and want to try and keep them this year as last year I was baddddddddddd and didn't...

1. Finish my WIP
2. Walk daily or 3x a week
3. Work on my patterns
4. Work on my website
5. redo my craft room
6. go through my clothes and revamp
7. call an old friend and chat
8. use the yarn I already have for a project
9. go have lunch at a new place
10. lose some weight!!!!!
11. one for good luck, kiss my hubby and remember to thank him for my happy years with him... :)


  1. Your resolution list applies to me too .... must be firmer with myself this year. I love that pattern .... I have never made something for myself to wear and was just thinking this morning that I would like something sleeveless (have my own inbuilt central heating system at the moment ... must be my age ;-)
    I am knitting a bobble tea cosy at the moment in between sewing some patchwork.
    Happy New Year

  2. Hmmm.. "redo my craftroom"... Sounds very familiar. A good many of us are thinking the same thing! Since the move, I am lucky to find a pair of scissors or a sewing needle when I need one still! Much of my things are in place pretty much now, but NOT my crafts and sewing supplies. That is one HUGE task I have GOT to get started on! As for projects, I just finished a ponytail hat that someone else was wondering if I had a pattern for. I never used a pattern for the way I do it, but now I guess I will! I have not seen one done my way exactly, so I'm going to share it, if anyone's interested! I'm not sure what my next project is yet.. Maybe fingerless gloves to go with the hat?.. We'll see! Happy New Year to you! ~tina

  3. Good list you have going there, I wish you luck on it. I hope I do okay with mine. I love the pattern that you are looking for, I found this one and I think I'm going to try it for me. So here is the link see what you think.



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