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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Great Estate Sale Finds and Other Things I've Been Doing

Hello, I have been slacking on posting here, but I wanted to share a few of my finds over the weekend at an estate sale, look at all those beautiful flowers in my favorite color, Pink!!!! A whole box full just waiting for me to make an afghan...yippy....I want one of those flower makers, my mom and granny used to make this same afghan with black and multi colored yarn...I will be making it with brown trim, since I love brown and pink together... and check out my progress on my "Flirty Apron Swap" project, isn't coming along great....I love the bright colors, and once I attach the belt I am going to add buttons and ribbon. Speaking of buttons...look at the cool button book I found at "Tuesday Mornings" shop for only $4...WOW....it is so cute with projects and ideas on how to sew on buttons to types, and history of the button...

Now this shot I took while sitting at my pond. It is a pretty angle I thought of my new wooden duck I got at "Home Goods" that store is fantastic and dangerous as well...because I always find waaaaaaaaaaay too many things I absolutely Must Have!!! :)
This is a cool shot of my pond fish at feeding time...they all rush over to grab the food. They are getting so friendly, but where are those silly Polly-wogs I just got???? They are hiding so I cannot see them. I got 4 over the weekend and the store told me there is no way to know what kind of frogs I will get from them??? hmmmmm mayb ebull frogs or even water frogs...or little green ones...I can't wait to see...

This guy is a favorite of my statues around my pond.. and look I still have a pumpkin, and yes it is real...and my flowers are all a bloom...I love spring


  1. What great finds! I am jealous.

  2. Anonymous11:01 AM

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