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Monday, April 09, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!!
Happy Birthday to me!!!

Wednesday the 4th was my birthday and it lasted all week and through the weekend. :) My family out did themselves and so did my friends...This box came from my pen pal with all these crafting goodies in it...WOW....I loved it!!! Look at all those future projects just yelling to be started...

my son sent me this box on my birthday

look what was inside...yummmy those are strawberries

my sister sent me goodies

I made this for my daughter for Easter

my stitchin gals gave me this one of the members made it

isn't she just the cutest?

my good friend gave me all these

I made this for my son's girlfriend for her birthday and Easter [yes that is real money...]

my DH gave me Easter Lillies

my daughter gave me this fantastic hat, on your birthday in the Red Hats
you have to reverse your colors.

this is also from my daughter

my son gave me lots of $$$$ :)

my niece sent me this lovely "April" china tea cup

my g-girls colored Easter eggs

the colors came out so pretty

love this one

and this one
I went Golfing with my Red Hat's group and then out to Olive Garden for lunch then I had my crafting group meeting and the gals got some some lovely gifts. :) 

Easter afternoon I replanted plants

my daughter brought me over some yarn she had that she isn't using.

my crafting groups party

one of the members stitched these "Crazy socks" she won for the
 "craziest" socks worn [it was the theme]

everyone's socks

we designed tote bags

Chloee on Easter

I'm getting ready to open gifts

my daughter and me

blowing out the candles

my son and I

Chloee loves my g-daughter

my daughter likes her marshmallow bunny bouquet

some of my gifts

the Red Hats ready to play golf

taking an aim

check it out even on the golf course there is an oil digger...lol

I'm all ready to golf

the gang

at the Olive Garden

getting my "Belly Dancer" at my stitching groups meeting

I just love her

I am wearing the "birthday" hat that all members wear when
it's their birthday 

I also got a double chocolate cupcake yummy

                             I think I was spoiled on my birthday!!!!
                     Thanks to  wonderful loving family and friends!!!!


  1. Happy belated birthday!!! What spoiling you got!!! Good for you!!!
    Love it!

  2. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Can I be you on your next birthday? Wow! What a haul.

    Happy belated b-day!

  3. Happy birthday to you - a little late. sandie

  4. thank you all. :) It was a fun time...family and friends

  5. Happy Birthday! You're too adorable!!!


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