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Monday, April 02, 2012

Cute & Irresistible Projects!!

Too CUTE!!

Cute Crochet sleepy owl Fingerless gloves. Toddler wrist warmers. READY TO SHIP.

Cute Sleepy Owl Gloves

Bunny Slippers - Easter, Baby Bunny Slippers, White, Pink, Easter Gift
Ahhh Bunny Slippers

MO CHICK Crochet Easter Egg Cover/Puppet
These are so CUTE, but I wish
she sold the pattern.

Easter Chick Duck Hatching Egg Crochet Beanie Skullcap Hat--cute photo prop
Funny, this hat is a chick hatching...CUTE

Irresistible Black and White Penguin with Lavendar Eyes
Irresistible penguin

Irresistible Sheep


  1. I've been eyeing those booties in the 1st pic on Etsy. They are so adorable!

  2. Oh my gosh, EVERYTHING on this post is ADORABLE! I'll have to look these up later when I have more time to. Just wanted to get back to you about the Google+ thing.. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, as I had a little trouble with my cable bill, and all is well again, thank goodness. I see on my own dashboard where they've been mentioning upgrades, etc., but I haven't bothered, because I'm very anti-change by nature, and am avoiding any changes for as long as they'll let me! Honestly, I'm still surprised we can see our followers' lists! I thought they were saying they wouldn't show up anymore, right?!... Anyway, when I clicked your name, as you said, it did take me to some kind of new google+ page, but then I was able to click the upper, most recent post to get right to your blog from there. Why they're making anyone take this extra step to get where we want, I have NO IDEA. But now I'm curious.. The same thing is not happening when you click my name?? Let me know, when you can! I'm gonna wish us BOTH good luck trying to figure this stuff out! ~tina

  3. Very cute creations. Irresistible!!
    I am making flowers now a days. thinking of making few amigurumi later this month.

  4. ahh so cute and adorable, love the booties. Heather

  5. Oh I know aren't these items just irresistable? I want to make them all too.

    Tina, thanks for letting me know since I have not had very many commenters and I had a gal tell me she could not find me with clicking, I am glad to hear that you could, but you are right its another step. :( Yours is still on the old profile, but I hear as of May, I think it will all change and everyone will have to be on Google+ the "new" google. sheesh.....Let's hope we don't lose all our followers.
    thank you

    Bindhurani, I too love to make flowers,

    Baby crochet patterns, I agree those booties are to die for...
    Thanks all for your comments.


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