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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where's Your Yarn At?

I have my yarn everywhere..I did sort through it and separte it but I still have bags by the fireplace, in the back room, on my hope chest, in the diningroom, and my office this is just my yarn downstairs.......

my office

hanging on the chair in the diningroom
yarn for my next project
thinking of making this t-shirt necklace
some of my finished projects in the back room
more in the backroom
on my hope chest in the diningroom
on the hearth of the fireplace
hanging on the chair

in the back room


  1. Great post Crochetoholic! You made me smile! I thought I was the only one! It's good to know there is someone out there like me. I just can't seem to keep my yarn in one place either! LOL

    In my craft room...
    In my living room...
    In my travel bag...
    I think there may be some in the dining room to!

    I recently created a excel workbook (will work with old or new version of Excel)to help me keep my yarn stash organized. I am half-way threw organizing my stash. I would be happy to share the program with anyone who wants to organize there stash (No String... 100% Free)... tstitchesandcrafts@gmail.com
    Subject: Yarn Stash Org.

    Thanks and Have a Happy Creative Day!
    T AKA Tina

  2. Tee hee!
    Mine is taking over the house as the Mister likes to remind me - but it looks sp pretty, I like to remind him.
    I only started learning to crochet just before Christmas last year and am already surprised by the addiction which is yarn collecting. Goodness knows what my stash will look like in a year's time, or where I will keep it all!
    Thanks for popping by my blog and commenting.
    Am your newest follower as I can see lots of crochet treats here for me!

  3. ohhh new followers..thank you...I agree T it can over take the house...but once addicted to ti there is just no stopping us.. :( yikes!!! Debb


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