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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crocheting :In The HOT Summer Months

So its HOT out don't cha just love popsicles? I sure do and I love their bright cheeful colors!!! Almost makes you want to make a Granny square Afghan huh???

But you want to crochet but what can you stitch with that won't make you feel even hotter??????

First lets see about some hints to help you stay cooler when you crochet:

  1. Try crocheting on a table, that way your yarn is not touching you and so your legs and body stay cooler, but you can still enjoy stitching
  2. Crochet in the shade or on the patio under a cover, your outdoors and staying cooler, I go down to the grassy area overlooking the beach where there is always a breeze and bring my lawn chair, find some shade under a tree and crochet away.
  3. Crochet at StarBuck's or any cafe where the air conditioner is blasting away while you sip on some ice tea
  4. Crochet smaller projects doilies and flowers or a small bag not only will you finish quicker giving you a good feeling but you can also make a ton of squares for the huge afghan you have had your eye on making.
  5. Sit under an umbrella at the edge of a pool with your feet dangling in the water, cooler and your getting to work on one of your projects
  6. Try crocheting with lighter weight yarn like a vintage thread pattern you may have wanted to try...the lighter weight cotton is easier to work with on hotter days because it is not as cumbersome or hot


  1. Thanks for poppin over...we do have wonderful naighbors on the other side of us...the house with brick..empty-forclosure...which makes it double ugly..hee hee...somebody bought it and is going to rent it..joyfull...how is the PH swap coming along..good tips for the crocheting in the summer....I love to crochet with thread anytime...Potholders...and doilies oh joy...:) I've lost track who participated in the PH
    swaparoo..did you? If so...how is that coming along..? you swapped with Vikki from Hooks 4 U...? right? I sent mine off yesterday to Crochet Galore..

  2. Hi Faith, glad your neighbors on at least one side are nice and hopefully the new renters will be just as nice. :) Yes I have contacted Vikki and we have worked out our swap, I just located the pattern for her that I think she will like and purchased the thread yesterday....we have agreed to send by the end of August since I am going on a 2 week vacation the beginning of Aug...are we sending more than the potholder??? Debb


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