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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some Little Projects On the Hook.....

I made this bracelet from a pattern I found in Crochet May 2011 and I really liked it ....The back is with the black picking up a post to get it to peek through ...

Then I made or started rather another "Bed Glove" set but this one is in red. Like the white ones I made from  Crochet World Oct 2006
Now this next piece is gorgeous, but it is for sale at $65.... hmmm I wonder if I can make this from the photo that Scoutie Girl posted ....??? I think I can...can you?

I had some "royality charms and made a little necklace with colored chain I got at Wal-Mart...it was pretty simple and then added the charm, now I need to finish it up....

OMG this is so cute, my friend loves Lady Bugs and she just had a hip replacement so I think I am going to make this for her to bring her when I stop by... :) The Itsy Bitsy Spider makes this and other adorable items...check out her blog and on Ravelry
Chloee is bugging me to take her for a walk so I better get to it.... :)


  1. So sweet bracelets. Beautiful!

  2. Very cute! I really like the lacy cuff.

  3. That cuff bracelet looks like Queen Anne's lace. Hmmm... what a great idea! It's beautiful indeed.

  4. Hello miss crafty lady! ;-) You have such a nice blog!! Thanks for dropping by mine too! I love that lacy cuff and ADORE that ladybug bracelet!!

  5. I like the $65 bracelet..but for that price..I too think I will try to make it..


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