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Sunday, January 06, 2008

After Christmas Round up and Christmas Card Box Pattern

I thought I would gather some of my Christmas photos and post them for you to show all of you how my holidays went...here is my staircas all decorated with garland...but a bulb went out so this year my lights on it wouldn't work, don't cha just hate that with these new lights when one goes out they all go out???? What is that anyways???

My daughter gave me a new Red Hat, and the suitcase I got from DH,

I crocheted a red nose for "George" our reindeer over the fireplace, If you look closely on the card with Santa on it , he is sitting under a palm tree on the beach. It is just a funny card.

The crochet doily wall hanger was made awhile ago by my Mom, she did such a beautiful job of cupid!

The ornament was given to me by one of my Red Hat ladies, it is really pretty on the tree.

I love mangers and this one I added real Christmas branches to give it a more natural look.
My sister sent me the Santa dollar and I use it as a decoration now. It is a real dollar.

Mr Grinch was a treat for my knit groups exchange game. Isn't he adorable, and he is so soft too!
This is Santa on the beach under a palm tree. Its a card I got a few years ago and put it out every year.
This year my grandkids all decided to buy me something. My granddaughter who is only 6 , wraps up something in her room and gives it to me. It was so cute. She used a Christmas lunch box I had given her last year and she gave me a lay and a little doggy of hers. :) And my other granddaughter bought me a cute Teddy and my grandson got me a really nice silver locket. It was really special....
I made horse finger puppets and used them as ornments and hung them on the tree. They turned out really cute.

And this is my 1st attempt at making an Amigurumi. I made a white elephant. This pattern was so cute, and I loved making it. Now I want to make more...there are some really fun patterns out there, but I am learning to watch as some of the books are in Japanese only??? oh no...

This little guy is just too cute!
Christmas Card Box pattern:
I made a Christmas card box, I have always wanted to make one and it was so easy.. check out the website for more explicit directions on making one. I kind of made up my own.

  • First I decided on the shape and then the size.
  • I took a new box of cards, getting them now is great as they are all marked down, then I got 2 cards from last year, as I always save my cards, and used them for the bottom.
  • Next I punched holes around the cards with a hole punch and then I used a "G" hook and single crocheted in one hole with WS facing each other, and holding the next 2 sides WS together, I crocheted into the hole directly across and prceeded back and forth .
  • Once I was down one side I got the bottoms, WS facing each other, and repeated across the bottom 1 side, and so forth all the way around.
  • Now you will have to work back and forth to be sure to even the stiches, and also be sure to go back on the sides you have missed.
  • Once completed I slip stitched the bottom again all the way around to give it a little lift for sitting. It turned out really nice and I like it so much I am going to make several more for my Red Hat ladies for next year. And you could even make them for birthdays, Easter, or any occasion just using any cards.


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