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Monday, December 31, 2007

My New Year's Resolutions

Well I am almost finished with my capelet, but it came out much larger than I planned so I need to weave in some ribbon to tiggten it up a bit. I think that will make it much smaller, or I could double up the front ??? I need to think on this one. Anyone else have any ideas???

And here is my progress on my floor length hooded cape, almost time to start the hood. It is sideways on the chair to show how long it is

Now for my resolutions:

  1. To Lose 20 lbs by this summer
  2. to finish 1/2 my WIP I have so many and so many great patterns to finish.
  3. to line the rest of my finished purses, I must have 10 finished and unlined. I have all the material just not completed.
  4. to finish my website and get my prices and bag patterns all listed so that people can see and buy them? Geeze.. it is going to be so cool if I can master the new website formats.
  5. to go to teh Stitches West in Feb
  6. to catch up on my pen pal letters, I am always writing too late. :(
  7. to clean up my sewing area it is so so but needs more clean up so I have more sewing space to work with
  8. to use more of my stash to make new projects so I can buy more new yarn
  9. to finish sorting out my knit and crochet books that are all over the upstairs
  10. to learn how to make socks, knit ones, I really want to make socks and not talk about them, I have started several times to not finish them, and I have apair of crochet ones I need to finish too, the loopy loop ones.
  11. to make something with the Intarsia I learned at the CGOA
  12. To finish reading some of my newly purchased novels so I can make room on my bookshelves!
  13. to ride my bike more starting a daily exercise program that I will stick with. I really procrastinate! But I need to start one this year for sure.

Happy New Year!

1 comment:

  1. What magazine is that floor length hooded cape pattern in? I'd love to get my hands on it.


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