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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What I am Working On? [WIP]

I am almost finished with this scarf. Its made of black chenille and Caron Simple Soft.... I saw it in the Jan 2008 Crochet magazine and thought the color combo was appealing, I just love the bl & wht look. It is turning out pretty good, but it is thick so its a bit warm for Southern Calif. Maybe I will use it in the mts???
I am also working on a purple dazzle cape-let with a flower. It is using two different yarns, one sparkle Patton's sport weight and also fun fur metallic. Very pretty together. It is hard to see the dazzle, both yarns have sparkle in them...remember I love Bling Bling.... and the flower which I will attach to hold it together and then add some beads. It just drapes over the shoulders and nice over a sleeveless top or dress....hmmmm.... I have learned something from making shrugs, capes, and ponchos, and that is that I crochet loosely so I need to reduce the hook size that is called for and be sure to lower the foundation chain a bit to adjust for this. I am so used to making bags, that I have not had this dilemma before???? Oh did I mention also that I have finally gotten some of my things on Ravelry? I am listed as "Calcrochetnut" .... Yes I know I have been dragging my feet a bit, but in my defense, it was Christmas...wasn't it??? So now I have no more excuses and I am working hard to get some of my WIP and FP [finished projects] and PWTM [projects wanting to make] on there, and I also ran across a great little group called, "Burnin Up the Stash" and decided that it was a great group for me to be in so I can finsih some of WIP and also get my stash down to make room for new yarn, soooooooo no more buying yarn till I get my stash down...really...Do you think I can?????

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