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Friday, August 31, 2007

Beware Of The"Yarn Pheromes"

I found this article on Deb's blog and just loved it so thought I would share it with my blogging friends.

A recent study indicated, that Yarn and thread gives off certain Pheromones that actually hypnotize women and cause them to purchase unreasonable amounts.
When stored in large quantities, in enclosed spaces, the Pheromones, (in the yarn,) cause memory loss and induce the nesting syndrome, (similar to the one squirrels have, before the onset of winter, i.e. the storing of food,) therefore, perpetuating their species and not having a population loss due to their kind being cut into pieces and mixed with others.
Sound tests have also revealed, that these yarns, emit a very high-pitched sound, heard only by a select few, a breed of women known as"loomers." When played backwards on an LP, the sounds are heard as chants, "buy me, loom me, and wind me into a ball ".
In order to overcome the so called "feeding frenzy effect," that these yarns cause, one must wear a face mask when entering a storage facility and use ear plugs, to avoid being pulled into their grip.(One must laugh, however, at the sight of customers in a yarn store, with WWII army gas masks and headphones on!).
Studies have also indicated, that aliens have inhabited the earth, helping to spread the effects, that these yarns have on the human population. They are called "YARN STORE CLERKS".
It's also been experienced, that these same Pheromones, cause a pathological need, to hide these yarn purchases, when taken home (or atleast blend them into the existing stash.) When asked by a significant other if the yarn is new, the reply is, "I've had it for awhile."
Author Unknown

So ladies we are ok!! There is no need to call the doctor or run out to a shrink. Having our halls, closets, guest rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, cars, and garages filled with yarn is just part of being a "Stitching Gal" it's ok and better yet it's a good feeling to own a peice of the big "Yarn ball" of the world. So go out and buy some more of that yarn this weekend all the shops have sales!!!!

Happy Labor Day!!


  1. OMG I am a victim of the Phermones! At least that explains a lot!

  2. Anonymous2:57 AM

    Hi partner - I guess the phermones have me too. I've been working on items for your package and I'm almost done. I hope you enjoy this weekend and don't labor too much.

  3. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Your KVVS package is going out tomorrow! The days just got away from me.

    I've got those Yarn P's too! Can't stop stashing!


  4. So thats what I have...lol Whew..that definteyl explains alot!

  5. Gosh! I'll warn my aunt about that. I don't know if she's a victim already but the symptoms says so. Anyways, thanks for sharing this! A must read for yarn enthusiasts.


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