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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wow Check out this Crochet Stitch!

You have to check out this "fun" crochet idea!!
Who would of thought? I mean I love to eat and I love to crochet, but this???? I really liked this link to the Wunderkammer animal in crochet...how cute is he?
This site has some cute crochet items and a great tutorial too on "How to Crochet."

Here is the wrist bag I designed and just entered in the LA County Fair this year along with 3 of my Barbie Doll dress outfits and 1 other Evening bag.I hope to place but just the fun of being involved in the fair is enough for me. It is always so neat to see everyone's crafts and all the booths with the new gadgets. Last year it was way too warm but this year I will be there so if you see me wandering through the craft booths with the white hat on, stop and chat with me!
Now check out these fruits... Oh sooo cute ...I am definitly going to knit this up soon. And the Apple is so cute...the pattern is free everyone who wants a gander....Peachcakeknits has all the patterns for anyone who is interested!


  1. Oh what a cute little bag!! love the blue & beads on it :)
    Aren't the fruit fun looking..lol I hope you place in the fair, Good Luck!!

  2. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Hi Debb - I've tried emailing you twice, and not received a response. Perhaps you can check your spam folder? If you could contact me about the Felted Bag Exchange, that'd be great.


  3. The fruit looks fun and the peas-in-a-pod is fantastic! I've already shared them with other knitters in my weekly knitting group. I am cruising through blogs thanks to KVVS and had to leave you a note.

  4. Debb,
    This gives new meaning to "playing with your food"!

    I just nominated you for something you deserve.
    See my blog !


  5. who'd a thunk? I am so saving that pic, I don't see where you got it though to give credit....I easily miss things though.....


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