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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ok I saw this on Designing Vashti's blog and loved the idea so I adapting one of my own...

Here are my list of Crochet-tivities for now:

  1. 1.Go and get your votes in at Berroco's Poll and be counted! [I did]
  2. 2.CIP [crochet in public] I went to the beach today and did my thing on the bench overlooking the water..ahh that is always so much fun as I like the people watching too.
  3. Remember National Crochet Month next year..set up an alert on the "puter" so I don't forget about!!!
  4. Read about the 30 Ways to Promote Crochet ! [love that there are more crocheters in the USA than knitters, sorry knitters but Crocheter's RULE!!!]
  5. Buy something extravagent from Stitch Diva's Studio's.
  6. Learn a new crocheting technique.
  7. Check out a new yarn shop and buy some yarn that I have never tried before.
  8. Pay a designer for a crochet pattern instead of downloading a freebie
  9. Buy the new Simply Crochet magazine this month.
  10. Go to Crafster.com and but something that I absolutly do not need...??? like more yarn?
  11. Try to make this apron. ok it's not crochet, but this one is...
  12. Buy more yarn [Dee lists special celebration sales]
  13. Finish reading the new HP book and crochet a HP item while reading it
  14. Finish a WIP (work-in-progress) or possibly even a PIG (a stalled project-in-grocery-bag) I like those terms...but I think I should finish my knitted 1970s bag that I have been working on for ..hmm too long now and it is a KPM [knitting project madness]
  15. Listen to a new crochet podcast I like this idea
  16. Join a crochet-along (CAL)
  17. Go to a crochet convention. [doing that in Sept going ot the CGOA with Priscilla] Yea!!!!
  18. Lose weight while crocheting
  19. Learn to knit those "Loopy Socks" on the cirular needles making 2 at a time [help]
  20. Get that cubical for upstairs and move my yarn!!

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