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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Unhappy Clouds of Pollution

Now living in CA "pollution" is a major subject! This little masterpiece on "Bytedust" by artist Dennis Douven fits my little area....however in all fairness the pollution in So. CA has diminished greatly since the 1960s and also looking back as far as the 1940s we see the state taking it's first major steps to fight pollution, so I must give the EPA a big clapping hand with their efforts....And in the following decade The first auto emission standards in the nation for hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide were adopted by the California Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Board

(MVPCB) in 1966. This is what it looked like in 1965!!! Oh my.... What can We do to reduce exposure?
The American Lung Association recommends three steps to protect yourself indoors:
Use a heat recovery ventilator or an energy recovery ventilator to quietly provide the fresh filtered air you need while quietly removing stale polluted air.
Seal leaks in the building shell to block entry of unfiltered outdoor air during the heating and air conditioning seasons. NOTE: Sealing leaks also blocks entry of dust and insects.
Use space and water heating systems that cannot put combustion gasses into the building interior.
Ok enough of that I sure got off on a tangent!!! I also found some other interesting items while "surfing" my blogging friends. Here is a site all about "Steeking" and it's Chronicles: Introduction it is a fantastic intro to the hows of this technique for all you knitters. Do check this one it is really very interesting.
I also just had to post this picture though as I saw it on Mochimochi's blog. Check out her cute animals in knit too!

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  1. The affects of greenhouse gas ozone, which has been increasing near Earth's surface since 1850, could seriously cut into crop yields and spur global warming this century, scientists reported on Wednesday. For more information about Effects & Causes Of Global Warming


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