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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Hello 2012....

I made another pair of fingerless gloves

My Love Bug I made available here

I like these for Valentine's Day here

another cute pair

great skies out

one of my necklaces

Valentine Kitty Bag

the whole set

I just got some of this yarn in purple. :)

charms added to this one

this bag would be good on Valentine's Day

I love this button

row counting necklace

all made up in her "fav" yarn colors

Jack's Back...lol

My Chloee loves to ride

at the park

Jack's Front

This Velvet Cat Bag is adorable

a beaded tail

glass beaded eyes
this little guy has seasonal items to hold and with each
item he talks too, What a cute bear to display that talks and is
decorative for the holidays... :) here

even glass bead ties..


  1. Hey there. Yes indeed, the photo in my header is Boulder Bay. I took that about 6 weeks or so ago on a trip up there. We go every chance we get!!!
    Happy New Year to you!!'

  2. Ohhh I do so love Boulder Bay....We haven't been up there this year but try to get up there all the time too...


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