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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Etsy Spotlights and New Etsy Additions

Hello all....I am excited to announce that "ByHooks4U" Etsy store has been chosen
for the "Etsy Spotlight" on PBDesigns Blog...her designs are fantastic, do go check
her out and also visit her blog!

I finished some new beanies
and added them to my shop

different colors
 I am adding some of my finished products to my PBDesigns Etsy Shop...I have a lot of inventory of my bags & totes from my craft shows and 
so I am now putting them into my Etsy shop to sell. 
  Hop on over and take a gander....
Do you remember my "Monkey Bag"
its going in my Etsy shop this week

Longer Strap
My "Sunshine Tote" is being added too

My "USA Tote" 

"Purple Ripple Bag"

My "Rosy Maroon Bag" 

"Rosy Maroon Bag"

"Cotton Candy Sparkle Bag"

"Sea Shells Wrist Bag"


  1. Thanks for the shout out..It is always nice when you know someone else enjoys what we do. I just love doilies and just about anything else someone puts their hearts into..Homemade is the way to go..thanks again, and have an awesome week.

  2. Hi Vikki, oh yes I am with you I love to make gifts....dollies are so pretty, I am big into designing bags, as you can see, but I expand to just about anything. :) UR very welcome...thanks, you have a great week too...Debb

  3. Hi Deb! Thanks for the kind comments...you are always so nice! Love your new items....so busy you are with the hook!!!!
    : ) Kris

  4. I see some things to add to my favorites!

  5. Awesome news on the spotlight!

  6. thank you Kris.. :)we all have our unique talents...I know in my crochet group each of us has our own specialties and we all complement each other.

    UR Welcome Vikki, always happy to "spotlight" a fellow crochet enthusiast!!

    Della thanks... Thanks to all for commenting.. Debb


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