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Friday, January 28, 2011

Some TGIF Thoughts and Crochet Updates

Good Morning I was blogging and snagged this from
my online friend, "Chatty Crone"
Hope you're all having a wonderful TGIF

Thought for the day -

God never promises to remove us from our struggles. He does promise, however, to change the way we look at them.

- Max Lucado

Hopefully laughter is one way of achieving that - if only for awhile.

How to Work with Cone Yarn when You Crochet

Cone yarn, is mostly used for the machine knitter, but it is finding its way into the baskets of those who crochet. The price is right, less expensive than when rolled into a ball. The variety of yarns are large, and the yarn itself is often just right for any project in mind, especially if it's a sweater. When the project is more conveniently done with a ball, a ball winder is the simple answer.

Working with cone yarn is easy if you know the tricks. Most importantly is to always keep the cone far enough beneath the project so that the yarn gently winds off the top of the cone. The cone is tapered so it does this easily. The cone looks like it should spin, but if you use the tension on the yarn to make the cone turn you expend unnecessary energy and you may stretch the yarn. When I work with a cone I put it in a small basket or plastic container on the floor at my feet and I have used my paper towel holder to slip it onto so that it spins around on it without rolling all over the place. I have a wooden stand up paper towel holder that works great!! As I need more yarn a slight tug makes it gently unwind from the top of the cone. I use the same technique when winding yarn from the cone into a ball using a ball winder.

                        Making a "Rainbow" Ball of Yarn

This is an easy thing to do and can make any project colorful and uniquely your own. Just look in your stash and pull out some great colors and fibers of different weight valus. Start winding one into another ball, stop whenever you want and tie another color on and start winding more, and continue until your desired size of your "rainbow" skein. Now crochet a project and watch how beautiful the colors show!!!

Thanks for stopping in come back real soon now...........

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  1. I have been noticing more cone yarn out there. Good tips!


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