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Friday, January 14, 2011

My 7 Most Interesting Things About Me

I was crochet surfing and found a wonderful "stitching" blog" be sure and check out "Coffee n'Crochet" she received an award from "Stitch of Love" and posted her 7 interesting things about her, and I am following with mine!!!

I love to bake and when I do I never use a measuring cup but "eye" my additives. It turns out ok so I guess I am close enough to the required amounts. No one complains in my family especially my sweet tooth hubby!

I tend to sabotage my own weight loss goals, because I love to lunch with friends. I try to eat healthy but I am forever rushing through the healthy meal so I can order dessert. :( Well does sugar- free pie count as a healthy choice???
I love the corny Sci-Fi "large insects" movies. They are my "thrills" and even though most are "b" grade style and unbelievable, I still am glued to the TV when they are on. I guess I just enjoy the make-believe side of the flicks!!
My son bought us a standing heater for our patio for Christmas and I can't wait to experiment with it on a cool evening. Since I spend an enormous time on my patio crocheting and watching the TV it will be used often and allow me to stay out there on cooler nights when before I would have to go inside. I can also use it when I have our stitching groups party on the aptio...

I think shopping for yarn and patterns is sometimes more exciting than making the project and before I start the project I go right out and buy more supplies for another pattern that I find online. I guess that makes me a yarpat-shopoholic???? lol
I have fallen in love with Pirate-Booty popcorn. There are no two ways about it, I eat it all the time. Since eating the old kind of popcorn always got stuck in my teeth, this substitute is heaven to me!!!
My ultimate dream would be to have a craft/ coffee/ tea book shop here in the nearby beach city, with yummy scones and a couch to sit on so you can craft or read a good book! There just isn't enough places to crochet/knit in public and I would have room for clubs to come and hold their meetings there along with annual field trips for anyone who wanted to come along. I would also have Victorian wear for those that wanted to look stylish while they sat for tea and a photo booth to save the memory of that day for my customers... Well a gal can dream can't she?

Okay there you have it silly ole' me!!

No award for me yet??? Let's join everyone in blogland and do your own and pass on to someone who hasn't had it, so here are a few to keep the ball rolling...

Hooks and Books


Crochet Every Day

By Hook, By Hand

Your turn.............

Ta Ta for today......
stitch a stitch of happiness  

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