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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Debbie Macomber, Gilda Radner, Gene Wilder Knitch and Projects....

I love Debbie Macomber's books and her knitting books....and her knitting club...she is very intune to a knitter/crocher's interests and since I am a mystery fanatic too...she hits my interests right on the button and never fails to intrigue me through her writings... :) I just read an interview she did with Knitch online magazine that was terrific...you need to read it if you haven't already..I was amazed at how many books she has in print 140+ WOW!!!!

I am a big fan of her Cedar Cove series and was extremely happy to see she knows about reader's desires to keep their favorite characters alive and not end the story...I think that is why so many sequeals are such a success. Once we love a story we want it to go on forever...like Harry Potter....oh don't get me started...anywho be sure to read it and if you haven't read any of her books hop over to Amazon and get one soon you won't be disappoionted....now I don't get anything for this plug in her favor I just adore reading her novels!!! :)

Another favorite of mine was Gilda Radner..I always loved her back in the 70s in Laugh-In....well Knitch did an article on her and low and behold Gene Wilder, [another one of my favorites]her widower, set up a club called Gilda's Club for free for info and surving cancer victems and their main hobby is knitting....wow...what a great idea...and they make a lot of the oh so popular "slouch" hats for their cancer victems...make one for them, I know I am... :)

Knitch also has FREE patterns like Cat Prints On My Heart Shawl and I love the Cat Lounger pattern... :)

Here are some of my newest projects that I finished....this headband and cuff bracelet set came from the patterns by Crochetology I love her patterns and stitches... 

I love this pearl necklace that I got out of Annies which has had lots of magazines but this one was from Hooked on Crochet April 2005, I used a heart bead for the center and changed the pattern a bit to make it my own. :) Off to crochet some more...

Thanks for visiting and see ya next post....


  1. Hi Debb! LOVED your K-nittin' song in your last post!! (even though I don't K-nit!!).. And as for Debbie Macomber, I have not read anything by her yet, but did pick up a book by her, called "A Good Yarn" (Return to the shop on Blossom St.) Have you read this one?? I haven't yet, but intend to sometime soon.. maybe after I finish "Eat Pray Love". ~tina

  2. Hi, Tina, Oh yes I have that book and love it there are 2 more in the series....you'll like it...How is Eat, Pray, and Love? I have that book but have not finished that one....HOT here...phew....don't cha just love that knittin song!!! :) Debb


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