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Thursday, February 11, 2010

What is Your "true" Valentine?

I was looking through my Knitting Daily and got the idea to describe my "true" Valentine! I looked over Kathy's answers and added my own. Because I love bags and friends, #3 and #8 had to be the same... :)
So here is mine

1. It fills my life with dreams of my favorite colors of pinks and reds.

2. It joins me in my daily exercise routine. 
3. It intoduces me to new friends who share my same interests in my craft.
4. It teaches me disipline and strength and encourages me to be better.
5. It goes with me no matter where I go and never complains.
6. It loves Sci-fi and Lifetime channels the same as I do.
7. It sets no time limits and allows me to do my craft into the "wee" hours.
8. It likes to change bags as much as I do!
9. It gets tangled, because it knows I love to do puzzles.
10. It never gets discouraged with my talent, even when I make mistakes.

My "true" Valentine is my crocheting!!!! :)

... go ahead and make up your own list of 10 "true" Valentine attributes, whether you are a knitter,crocheter, or crafter of any kind, put it on your blog and be sure to link back to Crochetoholic....have fun!!

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