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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Caught up and Working on New Proijects

I think I finally have caught up on my email after being gone for 2 weeks....wow....now I am working on organizing my craft room and getting my guest room in order. I seem to emd up putting everything in there as I bring it downstairs and then instead of taking it back upstairs I gather it in the guest room and diningroom table???? Woe is me....then to take it back upstairs is a real chore. Having an upstairs can be a pain.... :(

I want to gather my office up too...it is a disaster area.... a major catch-all for all my papers and mail....who reads mail...right?

I have been working on some jewelry crocheting necklaces and adding beads...quick and fun....but why is it all the beads one can accummulate are never the ones you need when making your project???? So off to the stoe for some more...

Oh I am in the new "Crochet-a-day" calendar for 2010....yeah.......It is my "Wrist Tropical" bag that I entered in teh LA County fair last year and won a ribbon... so be sure to check it out..


  1. Hi Debb .... thanks for visiting my blog .... I've bookmarked yours and will have a good read when I have more time. Must be something about the name, I am Debbie and there are loads of us this side of the pond who are crafters. Be back soon. x

  2. Hi Deb thanks for visiting my blog. I do knit but crochet I have not mastered yet. I love farmville are you on too? Hugs, Marie

  3. oh yes I am...it is so addicting...sheesh...I am a crafter by heart...

  4. Congrats on being in the calender.


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