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Monday, May 07, 2007

SP10 #5 Contest

When I crochet or knit I am usually out in the yard sitting on the patio by the pond. I love to hear the birds and listen to the pond water while I stitch away. The birds come and visit the feeders and churp their songs and if I am still enough they actually come in quite close. However, we have a lurking hawk that eventually will swoop down and fly under and through the patio with his 6' wing span that reaches and brushes by my ears looking for food.

This one day he did it and caught me completely off guard and scared the holy heck out of me and I actually jumped and screamed so high and loud that my project went flying. My hooks and yarn flew up into the roof of the patio and even scared the heck out of my little dog, Foxy, who was sleeping besides me. The hawk never knew I was there, so I probably scared the heck out of it, too. I wish I would have had a video of it as I am sure I looked pretty silly jumping like I did and then having my yarn fly up and get stuck to the wood underneath the patio cover. I mean it was hanging like a spider web... all unraveling....Silly me...

Anyways... I have learned to now make a little movement when I am out there to make sure that old hawk knows that I am sitting there... and i have my CD player on humming tunes of Enya or Conan with their soothing Celtic sounds and I grab my glass of ice tea, [as I live in So. CA and it is usually warm out] I have my flip flops on; I sit down in my lounge chair with my feet up on the foot stool; and I enjoy the water and birds again in a little peaceful setting on my patio where it is very private with the slight ocean breeze blowing the 50' high Oleander bushes and 100' high pepper tree. All I need is a good pattern and some great skeins of yarn and I am set for an afternoon of pure tranquility of just me and my stitching addiction!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a plan, patio big enough for some company...lol Sounds like a good way to spend the day knit/crocheting..Bet that was scary and I can picture that project flying..lol


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