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Sunday, January 21, 2007

What's New for Jan 2007?

Hello again,Well.... here we are in January 2007 I am still trying to finish my tote bag in knit with an Intarsia design[see photo]. Denise, from my Knit group, has been an enormous help by showing me how to use DP knitting needles and helping me correct my dropped stitches. At our last meeting she told me it was finally time to put the stitches on a cirular needle. Thank God! I find that this is one of the hardest projects I have tried to conquer. As most of you know I am an expert crocheter, knitting I am still, I consider, a beginner. So... now Denise is dreading each meeting as she sees me pull out my project! LOL!!!! But low and behold she is still there to help me through it all, and I say Hip! Hip! Hooray!!!!!..... to Denise for her teaching patience!!!!
Ok so I have tons of new yarn to share. Can you tell I love purple???
I am listening to the new Podcast on Cochetville. It is fantastic and if you have not heard it I highly recommend that you listen to it and join up with Crochetville! Be sure to go to www.Crochetville.org or click on the link on this blog.
Now for some news on my new groups. I have been busy starting some new groups that I feel will be a lot of fun and great experience in meeting new stitching friends and joining others in crochet alongs, swaps, and exchanges. Be sure to check out the links on this page or go to MSN groups for a great knit and crochet group of ladies! go to: Both of these groups are new and I am encouraging everyone to join if they love to crochet as I do. I am also excited to tell you about a Pen Pal group that in a short period of 1 week has grown so fast. The members love it and chat everyday on the message board. If you love to talk with other crafty people, or are looking for a Pen Pal then this is the group for you.
Oh.... I almost forgot my other hobby that I love just as much as I love to crochet. Its reading! Yup, I started a book group and I have some exciting exchanges, book swaps, Altered book round robins, and more coming up soon. So check out the group and join up now to get in on the fun! Go to:http://groups.msn.com/BookandBookmarkSwapGroup/_whatsnew.msnwNow I have just started to read "The Christmas Letters" by my favorite author Debbie Macomber. I just love reading her books, anyways, it is a fun read and I am enjoying the book. I also learned from a personal email conversation I had with Debbie last week that she is doing a book signing in San Jose and Sacramento for BACK ON BLOSSOM STREET during the 2nd week of June this year. I will definitly be there to meet Debbie. Funny story... I want to share with all of you. I was mistaken for her at a yarn shop I visited when the owner said to me, "oh yes" she remembered me, but that I had changed my hair? Another customer said, "oh yes you are the writer, but your was dark before?" I looked at both of them and looked confused when the owner, Candy, said "Oh my, your not the writer Debbie, your Debb from the knitting group." We all laughed and I couldn't wait to get home to look at Debbie's book, and sure enough.... change my blonde hair to brown and I could be Debbie Macomber's sister. So... I emailed and told Debbie and she said she looks forward to meeting me [her half-twin] at her next signing in June. So.... yes I will be there!Well that is about all today...Take Care to all and happy stitching!!!

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