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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crochet Some More and Stitch n' Chicks Awards Lunch

The Stitch n' Chicks have their 
Awards Anniversary Lunch :::

This one is a broken record and hat for the
"Mad Hatter" she broke all records making the most hats

this one is for our "Shining Example" member it is a flashlight, for shining as a perfect example of a member by
participating in all activities

this "The Helping Hands" they are plastic hands and a rubber band
this member helped teach other members how to paint flowers
at one of our craft get togethers and the rubber band is because she
keeps us "banded" together

this member got the "Whale of a Job" it is a whale for doing a whale of a job and the football for tackling all the work setting up our charity 

this is the "Mover" award, this member got moving bags
for moving her yarn and the berries because she did such
a berry berry good job

this one is for "Stitch n' Chick of the Year" the $1,000,000,000 is for amillion
thinks for helping out and the horn, to "toot her own horn" and the trophy for
she's #1

here are all the awards

the certificates that went along with the awards

this was my award

this award was "Afghan Artist" the yarn is to make more afghans, the paint brushes for being an artist, and the eyes are all the members watching her to see
what she will make next...

we're toasting 6 years together

the shribbled up ornaments...lol

everyone also got a collage of the last year's meetings and events

handing out awards

the girls gave me goodies

the Stitch n' Chick of the year

I made a  cup cozy and coasters

I put on little ribboms and buttons

the bottom I put on cork

decorated the cozy with beads and shells

a button to hold it on

the front view

making a bracelet

added to trim to my blouse

the sleeves

decided to open it up since they were tight

I covered a metal ring

my ornaments...lol

one of the gals in the group makes the cutest bunnies

here they all are

this is how they started out then the air deflated and they dried like prunes

Stitching Forward,

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