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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mom's Day, Projects and Finished my Opossum Bag

I hope everyone had a wonderful "Mom's Day...I know I did. My kids and their kids visited me, son took me out to dinner and brought me a huge bouquet of flowers, daughter and her family brought flowers and came to visit for the day... 

g-kids made me cards, and we got to share the whole day together...always my favorite time..I didn't take any photos just R&R...

cards made by g-kids for me. :)
I got some more projects done and new collection to sell in my Etsy shop...
I finished my Opossum bag...so what do you all think???

new collection

2 bracelets

from my "Breezy Sea" Collection

green "Row Counter" bracelet


one of my "Row Counter" bracelets

side view

bag opening

bottoms up


just like the real ones

I designed a new granny square I will have details on my "Patterns" site this week

close up

he was so tiny

this little yellow Finch visited our yard yesterday

the Opossum bag

more flowers for moms day

flowers for moms day


  1. hi
    wow you have been busy , lovely flowers for mothers day and your new granny square looks interesting
    opossum bag very lifelike i bet you get a few looks when using it
    thanks for comments on my blog

  2. yes I have. :) thanks, I sure did, its a cutie...thanks for commenting


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