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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Headbands and Earmuffs and Leggings Oh My!

I thought this was so awesome, thank you Jenn @ Jenn's 3 Graces,

I made some new items for my Products shop
FF back view

FF Headband/Ear Warmer get it here

Worn with button on top or in back

I got this antique button in Big bear on
our retreat up there in Oct with my
Stitch n' Chicks group

Pink Cascade Necklace get it here

This is very wide to keep your ears warm
available here

Friends Forever Headband/Ear Warmer 

Chocolate Sparkle Leggings here

My Dragon Fly Tri-Necklace


  1. Love them! Crochet headbands are a stylish way to do something with your hair! So easy!

  2. Oh I agree and mine always needs covering. LOL called too lazy to curl...

  3. Good morning Deb! I want to say thank you for the award, although I have to say, I am not sure which blog you have it on? I received an award the other day from Heather as well, and since I don't do awards really, I want to say thank you in my own way...so stay turned.
    PS Love your new stuff you have on your blog!!!!

  4. Thank you Kris, it is from my other blog,


    It's ok I just thought you deserved one for all the "versatility" that you have on your wonderful blog. ♥ Debb


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