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Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween and Spiders and Ghosts, Oh My!!!!

I have been making some fun Halloween prizes and decorations for parties and the house and to sell. I love Halloween....

I made these black spider squiggly earrings

and these in orange

these do not show up as pretty as they really are all glitter with ruby eyes

and in green glitter without the eyes

close up of squiggly spiders

I also made a necklace now to get this one flipped???

this is my "Rainbow Skein" project the one I talked about in my previous post

a "hot" pink Jingle Bells necklace

a wrist bag felted

can you guess how many???

this is my "Pumpkin" candy corn filled prize and comes with a battery candle to use after the jar is empty  

this is the witch one

here's how the Spider necklace and earrings looks when on

close up

this shot shows the glitter spiders better

and in green glitter

ohhh my ghost candy corn candle jar

this will be??? Can you guess I am using sequin thread [String me Along]
and Patons Silk Bamboo Sapphire yarn, I love working with this yarn

I made these cute little ghost earrings

isn't this cute purple yarn stuffed in a Ghost cup

I added a spider to one of my witch jars

witch jar

closer photo of ghost cup

two jar candles the pattern will be on my
"patterns" page this week click on the link under
my heading above

wrist bag detail

guess who, part of my costume

my hands

the spider set

ruby eyes

the orange set darn that flipping isn't working???

If you are interested in purchasing any of my items see my "Products Blog" I'm listing them today, or my other store or Etsy...lol....



  1. Loving those spider earrings!!

  2. Spooktackular Job! I love all your Halloween Creations!
    PS. Rotating A Pic: Before you upload pics to the web while they are still on your computer in the My Pictures or My Documents folders right click on them. You should see Rotate Clockwise and Rotate Counter Clockwise. Hope this helps.
    Have a Happy Creative Day! T

  3. Wooo...spoookey!! I read your post about when you were in Big Bear for Oktoberfest. My hubby was up there for the Trout Fest, but I stayed home. Hey, don't you love Get The Burger? It is so cute inside. But our all time favorite eatery is Blanca & Pierre's in Boulder Bay. Do you like that yarn shop in Big Bear City? I have only been once, but it was too crowded and messy! And the owner was chewing out an employee in front of her customers and that really turned me off! I didn't buy a thing! Happy day!!

  4. Hi Vikki, Thank you I do too they are squishy and fun to wear.

    T thanks and I will be sure to flip it before I add the photo, I usually do but I was in a hurry, I thought that Google would have something for me to do that. :(

    Kris, Oh yes I like the burger place and will have to try the other, I so agree about the yarn shop, we used to take lessons, but she is not a great teacher and the shop is a bit messy and she is a bit on the "rude" side sad to say...so did hubby win anything up there? Thanks all Debb


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