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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Happy Anniversary and Back From Big Bear

We went out to dinner in Seal Beach at our favorite restaurant "Walt's Wharf" and John took us. I got their wonderful Coconut Shrimp...yummy...then on Friday an we went up to Big Bear to our little cabin in the mountains, the weather was really warm and then it even rained one day. Lori and her family came up and we enjoyed a little swim. They have really remodles the beach up there and put in this huge blow up slide. Lori and the girls went on that but first they had to stand in line to get their life vests and before that they had to pass a swim test. They are careful about being sure everyone is safe. The park was full but I was able to get a table in the shade and sat and watched them swim, I did venture out into the water up to my knees I am not as brave to hit 69' water.. Yikes!!!

John took us out to dinner at my favorite Walt's Wharf in Seal Beach

Happy Anniversary

Just love the clouds up there


the girls waiting in the red chairs fro their vests

the slide

Lori and Amanda

Bob took a dip too

Lori and the girls swimming back

I love the big tree out front of the cabin

goofing off Brian and Ashley


  1. Well I'll be dipped in bandini!! You re going to think I am following you!!! Ha ha!!! Indeed we were in Big Bear! We go quite a lot actually. I love, love, love it up there. My family had a cabin in Boulder Bay for many years. My folks sold the cabin about 8 years ago, and we missed it ever so much! Mom bought a new one, about 4 years ago, in the same area, a wee closer to the lake, with a peek a boo view. We live closest to it, here in Corona, only a bit over an hour away. Mom had a terrible accident a couple years ago, and she didn't use it much, and so we go the most. My brother and us, were trying to purchase a cabin on Edgemoore, right there by Holloway's where we keep the boat, and we got out bid. We were heartsick. But we still have Mom's place, and we go every chance we get. The trout fest is first weekend in October and we will be on the lake in search of Walter. Where is your cabin? Did you go to the quilt show last weekend? Do you go the Copper Q? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Gosh you have such a contagious smile..Looks like you had a wonderful time..and Happy Anniversary

  3. According to your pictures, you had a wonderful time!!!

    We went to California also. we were there 3 weeks. Loved it! There are some pictures on my blog. Your welcome to go look.


  4. Well I can tell you had a great time with that big smile on your face. Lovely family. Ashley looks like you. I am glad you are back! sandie

  5. Kris, oh my you are following me...lol....weren't you also just in Bass Lake??? great minds think a lot... Well we go there for 5 days at a time over Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and then over Labor Day. Bob and I will be up there in Oct more towards the middle of the month. But I will be up there with one of my stitching friends over the 1st weekend...we should meet up if you aren't too busy catching Walter!!! lol...We are up in Sugarloaf area, just a little cabin but we bought it back in 1989 and its enough for us. We are thinking of adding on though because my daughter and her family are now visiting quite often and my son also wants to come up so we need a little more room. We have been to Holoway's often and if I could get my son to bring up his boat we would be there more. You know what...before we moved back to the beach we lived in Norco...lol...such a small world...great to meet others near by that love to do the same... I missed the quilt show, dang...what's Copper Q?

  6. Hi there Chatty thank you and glad to be back...yeah I think so too. :)

  7. Thanks Vikki..

    Susan I will hop over and visit you....thanks for stopping in...


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