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Thursday, June 09, 2011

I'm A Winner!!!!

I WON!!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

I won the contest over at "One Yarn After Another" blog ....she had a contest because she reached 200 followers...WOW.....

I want to have a contest now once I reach 100 followers....

So if your reading this PLEASE go and sign up to be a follower...

Anyways back to my winnings...I won a Gift Certificate
 for Chicken Stitches.....$30...
I cannot wait to buy my goodies,
hop on over there she has so many great items...

What a treat for me!!!


  1. Good for You!!! I love Chicken Stitches, the owner does such neat stuff and she really is a nice person.

  2. Anonymous6:07 PM

    I'm so glad you won -- and I know you'll find something awesome at Henya's shop.

  3. thank you.... :) you know that your comments didn't show up till today????? What's up with blogger???


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