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Monday, February 21, 2011

Rainbow Skein Meeting and Piano Purse

I'm Working on a new project for my G-daughter it is a "Piano Purse" I got the pattern over at Skymagnas blog its a fairly easy pattern, she has some terrific patterns and I also got her computer wrist rest one too....although I have shortened the paino purse some to accommodate a 13 yr old. I am thinking of giving it to her in June for her 8th grade graduation. She go t akeyboard for Christmas and loves to play so this is perfect for her. :) I thought since I bead I would make her a necklace and bracelet set too. :) I think she will like that. :)

This was the results from our "Rainbow Skein" get together this last meeting. Remember I talked about it a few posts back, well we did it and yes it was a blast...What fun we had winding and winding the yarn, we all had different sizes and different colors. Now to decide what to make???? We decided that we would bring our finished projects to our Halloween party this October so I have a lot of time. :)
"Life is but a stitch, so be careful not to drop one!"

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  1. Hey Debb! You have so many blogs, I didn't know which one to comment on. Which is the one you most use? Love the piano purse. So cute. I see you live in So. Cal. Whereabouts? Have a wonderful day!


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