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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm Getting Ready for Christmas with a Gift to Make

Ok these are the labels I used, you can make any kind you like
 putting the wording on the back using double stick tape
I used thicker paper and printed it out on the computer
use a punch holer to punch a hole near the top

This is a Wisk Gift make it in a jiff for anyone and everyone its fun, easy, and cheap to make. Comes from hints in the Enquirer of all places. LOL

the trim is added after you put the kisses in
I used double stick tape to hold on the bow
then I tied on the curly ribbon
I made a gift for my neighbors and a few unexpected friends in a jiffy. Follow the steps under the photos and you can whip this up [no pun intended] in a matter of minutes....
You will need:
double sided tape
chocolate kisses
a larger wisk [$1 store]
some plastic Christmas bags [$1 store]
any kind of trim ie. bow, berries, tiny ornament, curly ribbon
1/8" ribbon
hole punch 1/4"
cello any design or clear

These are the wisks I got at the $1 store and kisses and some cello

close up to show you I put cello inside the wisk to hold in the kisses, just lay it inside
and fill witht he kisses then wrap it around tucking inside and no need to tape it will stay in place
After you finish the wisk then stick inside the "goodie bag" and wrap a ribbon around tiw two times and then attach the label and tie again. Voila ready to give!!!!

This scarf neck hanger is so easy to make it only takes a couple hours
and turns out so nice.. :) I used soft ribbon yarn to make this one for me
then found some cool buttons in my button stash to add...

I love this and how it turned out, comes from Crochet Gifts Special magazine
easy and quick to make I used Red Hearts Christmas yarn with a tinge of glitter
and then chose some small buttons, now to make the matching fingerless gloves

choosing buttons

here is another in Wool ease brown chunky

used gold round buttons for this one still need to sew in place

almost finished with my ear flap head band

decided to add some glass heart beads

stacking up the gifts

I found these two cute boxes and used them for my
 g-daughters  gifts

Add caption
 The gifts are lined up and ready for the big day....................Merry Christmas All

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