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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gifts and Projects

I made a friend a kitchen set for her birhtday this month of wash cloth, scrubber, and jar opener. I had seen the opener at a craft fair and so I decided to design my own. I used cotton and shelf liner non-slip that you can get at the $1 stoe. It's like a rubber stuff. Works great and easy to crochet with. The scrubber I used netting with cotton on one side to make it rough to scrub pans. It is a little difficult to work with, but the end result is worth it.

I finished my DD wine bottle skirts for one of her Christmas gifts.I also am making her napkins with grapes on them and crocheting trim around the edges. Haven't completed them yet. I loved the glass heart beads I found for the connection, but I needed to add something to make each one different so I added a little different colored bead to each one of a tiny flower. Her dining table is black so I made it with silver thread and black glass beads. :)

I also made a gold pair. The gold beads are moon beads and a bit heavy but very elegant! I used 4 different buttons for this set.


  1. Wow...your bottle skirts for Christmas gifts looks awesome. They are perfect for Christmas gift.

  2. pretty! that is a great idea. mommy crochets and thinks she may be able to do something like that, with time and practice. she likes to make me snuggles

    we're just checking in on you and Miz Allie Cat cause she hasn't updated in a while. we hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  3. Bottle skirts are really a lovely idea

  4. Your bottle skirts are fabulous!!!
    I see you are a very creative crafter!


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