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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Colds, No Crocheting, Fun Projects!

Has anyone taken Airborne? IT is made of Chinese herbs and all kinds of vitamins to help you stay healthier when flying or working with the little ones....hmmmm...well after 3 days in a cloased classroom with a bunch of runny noses and hacking 2nd graders last week it did not help!

I got the very long nasty cold and came down with it last Friday,.............. so not much has gotten done around here. :( But I am thinking of trying a little crocheting today... :) I did make the magnetic ball I wanted to and I was pleased with how it turned out! I took a photo holding it to show how big it is...fun to play around with...like those office toys for men?

I also got my book back that I had lent to a friend and I critiqued it over on my "Reading site" for the publisher... Now I might make some more projects from it. :)
The material I got from JoAnn's to use on the bottom of my slippers is still sitting as I have not finished any of the slippers I planned on making... :( off doing other things as usual...reminds me I need to go and mail some things and get rested so I can try and work on Friday...


  1. Forget Airborne-Get ZICAM nasal swabs! I'm not kidding. It works every time. You start taking it at the first signs of a cold and it knocks it right out. You can even take it once you've gotten a cold and it'll shorten the length. Seriously, ZICAM!

  2. I 2nd the Zi-Cam swabs (don't do the lozenges, they're icky)! Airborne is so so, but I really prefer Emergen-C. You can take it even on healthy days as a vitamin boost. When I'm sick or coming down w/ something it's Zi-Cam & the Emergen-C every 3 hours. Really lessens the severity & duration.


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