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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wordless Wednesday NY Trip


  1. Dear Debb,

    (I'm actually a Debbie) I'm finding the knitting with beads really easy and fun. I am using yarn that I had in my stash, a mohair and an metalic, and what you do is string the beads onto the yarn, and then bring them into the knitting when appropriate - honestly, really easy. The casting on is a little tougher, but this is just one row. I look forward to seeing your creation!


  2. well bummed can't get the video to play??? maybe me or blogspot or??? will be back again and hope it works!!! hugs Linda

  3. Hurray got it to work and love the pics and all you are having WAYYYYYYY too much fun!!! glad it was a great trip obviously from the pics!!! thanks for sharing!!! hugs Linda


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