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Saturday, March 03, 2007

My Crochet Socks and March Check in

Hello All....Here it is March already! Wow...this year is zooming by. I have started a new project...well several ones...but this one is fun. They are crocheted...yes crocheted....not knitted...socks. I got the pattern out of the 2007 Crochet Pattern a Day calender. I am using Caron Simple Soft Shadows yarn. Ohhh this yarn is so soft and wonderful to work with. It doe greate soft stripes and I used the "Mardi Grey" color. I love it.! The loops at the top were a little wacky to make and the heel looks more pointed, I sure hope it comes to look more like a sock rather than a hand puppet??? Oh well...I am trying here...Has anyone else made these socks? I would love to hear from you...
Ok now on to my 2nd project...I love this yarn. It is called Patons Cha Cha and is a little hard to see the stitches, but not too hard. this is a knitted scarf and cap combo. I finished the ear flaps and I am working on the hat part. The color is called Vegas. It is from a book called Leisure Arts, Favorite Knits. And I want to do the sassy socks on the cover next!
Ok I am off to buy.... what????
of...course...MORE YARN!!!! What else???

I had to share with you what my wonderful friends at Tinker Dam made me....
How do you like?


  1. Hey Debb gurl, that is a way cute graphic that was made for you.
    I love the idea of a blog to chat on. So you make it, send me an invite and I will sign up fast!!
    Thanks hon,

  2. How cute!!! I know absolutely nothing about "blogging" so I'm having fun reading through yours Debb!! And, at the very end of it all I got a great surprise and took the "How Evil Are you Quiz" and found out that I am "ANGELIC" (I don't care what my husband says!!!)


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